Saturday, September 30, 2006

Invention: Pushcar slapper.

After the success of my last invention, the Windshield Slapper I bring to you my newest extravaganza yet - The Pushcar slapper. This invention is similar to the Windshield Slapper, but is active while driving. If a car gets too close to the side, back, front, corner of your car, a hand would come of your car (available on all sides) and slap the driver of the car which is stuck on you. If indeed the window is closed and unable to slap the driver, the hand would simply push the car away in a "BACK OFF" kinda way, get my drift?


Cuteberry said...

Love it! I seriously need to place an order ;) ASAP!

Howahkan said...

LOL!! hopefully one of those slaps might straighten out those weird spikey hairdo's ;)

Salty-C said...

Imagine u and the car u just slapped have the same invention. U'd end up slapping each other all the way! Hehe..

MSB said...

ahh ur a lot kinder than me.. i always imagine an inspector gadget kinda car where this drill or long screw comes out and scratches the living daylights out of the other care.

but i'll take the pushcar slapper! send me the application form please. i might need to order a few =)

L's brain said...

lol how much how much

Delicately Realistic said...

Very useful in the 30mins before f6oor.
All day more like.
They'd sell like hot cakes.

Transparently said...

You can test out the demo :P

I'd hope it would straighten out ALL hairdo's out there :D

Ohh the potential is much greater :D A real slap-stick might I say :P

You're order is under process! We'll look into the Slapper-O-Gadget for our Gadget mobile vision, and update you accordingly! :D

L's Brain,
Worth every penny of hard, painfull slapping :P

Delicately Realistic,
Lol, before fotoor it would teach them to drive properly, or they'll be eating in pain :D

Maryam said...

me sings to herself *move bitch get out the way bitch get out the wayyyyy*

u should really consider that song when it comes time to make an ad for ur product. brilliant!!!


Fallen Angel said...

That's a very nifty invention you get there. Hurry up and go sigh up your product before it gets stolen............BY ME

Transparently said...

Maryam! Of course, thats going to be the marketing move for my device :P


Fallen Angel,
Its already owned by me, If you any decide to steal it, believe me I'll have your head on a chopstick! :P ok just kidding!

Blue Ice Envy said...

I don't get it, must b a very Kuwaiti issue.
What about a mini headphone that let you hear what the other person think, of course you can filter them like Bluetooth messages.

Blue Ice Envy said...

Come to think of it, I prefer a Magnum 44 :P