Saturday, September 30, 2006

Invention: Pushcar slapper.

After the success of my last invention, the Windshield Slapper I bring to you my newest extravaganza yet - The Pushcar slapper. This invention is similar to the Windshield Slapper, but is active while driving. If a car gets too close to the side, back, front, corner of your car, a hand would come of your car (available on all sides) and slap the driver of the car which is stuck on you. If indeed the window is closed and unable to slap the driver, the hand would simply push the car away in a "BACK OFF" kinda way, get my drift?


I have been offline for the past 4 days. A relief well needed yet draining it is. I had to use the GPRS to check for mail, replying was a pain, so I delayed that. I will admit I have become extremely dependent on the Internet as a daily part of my life. Without it, I'd be sent into a confused and irritated state. Maybe that is not so good, but the past few days gave me time to reflect on quite a few things. Like the new invention that I thought about... coming up in next post.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


This is going to be quite random and unrelated, here we go;

* I was watching a home made DVD last night, I was 3 or 4 in the video. I was innocent, well sort of. I looked different. I think my baby kisha never changed. I also soaked my overalls in mud, yummy.

* Transparentation #2: Are we in motion? Or is it only time that moves?

* Tantalize: My new favorite word.

* Don't you just enjoy cotton buds (Qtip), not because they're useful, but the feeling you get while using them?

* Take a deep breath...


Saturday, September 23, 2006


A Transparentation is a phrase of wisdom (ahem!) said by yours truly. These will usually be abstract phrases, for your mental enjoyment, if in fact, you enjoy abstract mind stimulating questions and phrases.

Transparentation: If bubbles were cubes, would ice become circular and the earth flat?


P.S. Ramadan Mubarak to you all :)

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Most of us grew up in the 1980s. If not the early 80s then in the late 80s. With each generation came a certain memorable event or show. Here are a few of those memories.

- The everyday cartoons, in the morning of every single day. Especially Friday cause TV started earlier by an hour.

- The opening of Kuwait channel 2 in the afternoon. Started with cartoons, then the regular sitcoms. Followed by an educational show. The news, then the late night movie :P

- Full House, Growing Pains, Family Matters, and many more.

- Running all over the place to find 100fils when you heard "bareeed, bareeed" just to rush after the guy outside to buy your favorite lulu, thahab, sandawicha, bo3elch!

- Playing hide n seek with e3yal el ferej.. the girls and the guys, the cute crushes as young as 6 yrs of age.

- Playing soccer two on two in the house, breaking the lights, and anything in its way.

- Going to the fer3, and yes buying all what you dreamed of with 1kd or even less (I had to mention it :P).

- Competing on who has earned the most in Eid, and of course, give me 1 ill give you 2 scam :P

- Pizza Italia, hungry bunny, hardeez (the good ol days.)

- Entertainment city was a whole day trip, it was our universe when we went. The house of mirrors was the most fun. Remember Showbiz? The machine with the Helium balloons?

- Buying the first Tape to play in your old Walkman, watching MTV and learning cool dance moves. (:P Yeah, Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer were on that list too lol).

- Hanging out at Cinema Alsalmiya, especially on holidays when it was even harder to find a parking spot.

- Travelling every summer to Egypt/Europe, discovering Hide Park the squirrels, and Alton Towers, and the Pyramids.

- Swimming lessons, and when you first learned to swim. "Hold on to me and move your legs!" That is what they used to say, as you thrashed along the coast line/swimming pool.

- The uncountable number of torn backpacks from school!

What else..

- Mischief? Don't let me go there :P These are better buried in the past lol. We've all had our share, good moments and bad ones.

This post was influenced by Cuteberry's Childhood Memories post.

Memories are great to be remembered, not to be pondered on or make us feel sad about the present, with each growing moment we come across good and bad experiences. Let the good that happens today be a memory for the children of this age. One day they will grow up and remember Pokemon.. etc lol.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Morning Coffee & Note to Self

So.. I'm drinking my coffee and thinking about notes to keep for myself. What kind of notes you may ask? Simply, who am I and what am I.

Note ~ You are who you are, an individiual amongst many. You are an equal yet unique. You live, eat, drink, sleep, and work as others do. You dream. You push yourself. You fail, you fall, you stand back up and move forward. Your goals for justice drive you, let not the opposing talk push you down. There is much good in the world to go after, much bad in the world to leave behind. Many people to affect; in a great and positive way. Let this be a step forward, and never look back. Learn from mistakes. Think positive. Fear nothing. Step down to nothing. Look up. Smile, for it goes a long way. A man once said, the harder we fall, the higher we bounce. Learn and teach. Never give up. Hold on to your principles. Don't be judgemental, have an open mind. Be firm. But above all, mercy, goes a very long way.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Cool Spam!

Don't we all hate spam e-mail? Some of us have set up exclusive e-mail setup as a measure, other's only a filter, and some don't even bother. We used to love logging into our e-mail accounts and finding that we have a new e-mail - I wonder who could it be from - is usually our question in our heads while we have this excited grin on our faces. We used to hate when it was a "Hotmail Service Message" or a "Yahoo! Services message" but we loved to see a name of someone we knew or maybe even a stranger ( a secret admirer? ). We enjoyed every moment of e-mail. Time passed and one day we checked our mail to find we had 5 new messages... when we opened them, they were advertisements, later they were fraud (phishing) messages, and now.. we don't care much about e-mail.

As usual I logged into my e-mail and saw that I had 21 new spam messages. I browsed and found an email titled "good-tempered Muhammad". As I am very weary about spam e-mail I rarely ever open them and see the content. But I read the intro in my gmail account, It went something like this, "He certainly went forth, but whether he did any work,any labour, was the question" Obviously I was intruiged! There is definitly a story there.. so I did like any curious person and opened up the e-mail -- there it was, the story of good-tempered Muhammad. Here is the e-mail, if you don't want to read it skip below.

He certainly went forth, but whether he did any work,any labour, was the question, nowadays. Only the poplars queered the dream-like values, dark andsharply outlined by the moon behind them.
He could see the helmets offiremen and hear a hissing sound.
The flamescrackled as he stood there aghast. And with rage in his heart Soames ran again at thewall, and snatched at his other Gauguin.
They lifted till it balanced on the sill. Hewanted her to break down, and he didnt want her to.
Soames, not one whoremembered the old days, and could handle house property as theyused to, then. If ever he had beatenDumetrius, it was over that highly-coloured affair. The room was full of smoke now,and he felt rather giddy. He had a dread of herwandering outside to-night, so near the water.
He leaned forward and touched his chauffeursback. Some people would take that for a banshee, he shouldntwonder!
He certainly went forth, but whether he did any work,any labour, was the question, nowadays. When they got home, how should he bring some life into herface again!
But if hedoes, hes sure to want to see you, even if he cant speak.
Soames stood still; besides the pumping of his heart and lungs hecould hear another sound.
Then, seizing theextinguisher again, he dashed it, knob down, against the floor.
He himself went again to the openwindow, and stood watching the moonlight.
One must admit at least acontinuity of purpose somewhere. Through the open doorway hecould see that they had spread considerably.
Wasthere nothing he could do to divert her attention?
The engines would be twenty minutesat least.
The singing ceased, and Soames again lifted up hischin.
The Monts had been at school there, and Kits namehad been put down automatically. If ever he had beatenDumetrius, it was over that highly-coloured affair.
Obviously bad worded, and hardly makes any sense. There was also an image attatched (which was the original spam message asking to buy stocks etc..). This may be spam, but for me this is the...

...coolest spam ever!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Drowned In Music

Have you ever listened to a tune and zoned into another world? You feel the vibrations, the essence, the rythem, the mood, and bliss. You keep listening to the same tune over and over, and every time you listen, you can't let go. You want to be the music, let it be a part of you. All you can do is keep that tune running while you let your mind and body absorbe it, all of it. It moves you, your heart, your soul--you feel it. You live it..

..that special tune.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

World's Biggest Cheeseburger

Here I am minding my own business when blog after blog keep talking about food. Naturally, haven't eaten any real food in the past 24 hours, I started getting very hungry. It is all about food these days. To top it off I came accross this website, and I HAD to post it here. There you ladies and gentlemen, the largest cheeseburger in the world, and yes, it is edible...

...shoot me now.

If it itches

Scratch it. There is sometimes always a pleasure of scratching anything. I recently felt nostalgic to the feeling while I was at the beach house. I had been bitten by a mosquito, and the sheer pleasure of scratching around it, (however strange.. or normal that may sound.. no mosquitoes were hurt in the process). Do not be afraid to be gentle while you scratch, you get more pleasure out of it that way. The other phenomena that seemed to be quite pleasurable is using a q-tip after a hot shower. Stimulating the ears with a cotton swab, might not do it for most, but you all know you like it. Remember to scratch, where it itches.