Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Lifetime To-Do list

1. Eat a watermellon on a beautiful beach.
2. Have a beautiful and smart wife.
3. Spend a few days on a Yakht.
4. Take a great ocean cruise.
5. Own a house in the mountains.
6. Drink the best coffee in the snow.
7. Become very rich and retire very early.
8. Create a useful and great invention.
9. Travel and visit as many countries as possible.
10. Write books.

Hard? Yes. Impossible? No.

I am always doing things I can't do, that's how I get to do them.
- Pablo Picasso

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Worth Fighting For

We all live for something, whether it be in regards to faith or a certain dream or goal. Some of us live day by day only to try and reach that goal, somehow... something worth fighting for. How far would you go to achieve your dreams? How much would you sacrifice? And why would you sacrifice so much, or so little for your dream?

P.S. I'd really like it if as many of you reading would post any insight into the issue. Any relevant sentence, or even word, I'm sure would be helpful.

Transparentation #3: Would a bird sing if it wasn't happy?


Monday, October 23, 2006

Hello Kuwait!

Good Morning to you all,

Kel 3am o entow kelekom eb khair o taqabal Allah 6a3atkom :) I wish you all a great and wonderful Eid! It is only a few days, but enshalla it will be memorable for you all with good memories. These are the days we will remember in the future. It is a chance for us to get closer to our families and the ones we care about, Carpe Diem.. Seize the moment.

Farewell and Take care,

Tblue. :)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Baby Kesha

Yes, I finally give in to your demands. There, I appologize for the bad quality, but there it is. You shold see the little suit, quite fancy might I add.

And here is my nephew. I'd imagine a chainsaw in his hands and he'd be set! He's so wonderful and and great kid. The other day he wanted some tea (he's only 3..) He said, "Khali momken chay 7abeby law sama7t"! Cute eh? Yeah :)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I chose this name for the purpose of being transparent here in this place. This is why many like to be anonymous, it makes sharing a whole lot easier. Today I bring you a self discovery, a quite interesting one, which was not clear until this morning.

Have you ever thought to yourself, that you alone, are your thoughts, your being. When you look in the mirror who do you see? How well do you know yourself? I looked at myself today, and saw a different person. I touched the mirror and asked the person in the mirror, "Who are you? Why do you do that..."

I do not believe I was ever too proud of myself, but I believed and enjoyed everyone telling me how smart I was, especially at a much younger age. I felt special. My reports were always, "Smart, Clever, Has great potential but needs to work harder." -- That was me. I never liked working hard, I never felt it was ever needed! Today however I see this world as a very different place than it was before.

As a young boy, I loved to question things, "What If...." "What would happen..." and such questions never left my head. My curiosity led me to investigate and read books, break things (yes.. I broke nearly everything around the house to investigate it.. lol). There was always the question, "But, What if..."

The sad part, is that it grew with me, to a highly unstable level. Acting upon such unclear and unstable hypotheses created an imaginary world which I had lived in. One day, it crumbled, and left me miserable. I always thought those around me do not understand, that they do not see the big picture, that this world is chaotic and people are miserable. When in truth, that is not the case... We act upon what we know, not what we think.

Thinking too much never helps, especially if it is in the wrong direction.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Whats the problem!

Why is there nothing to do? I have been sitting days trying to figure out answers.. Why is everyone bored? Why is it always "same-old.." nothing new thing? Has life become so dull? Is it because we're growing up? It is isnt it.. well tell me about it! What do you want to do that would change things, and make it less boring for you?

Why does everyone want to leave?
Why is it always fast food or me6a3em el ba7ar?
Why is it mosalsalat ramthan?
Why is it the same old stuff, over and over?

This probably is just a hunger rant, but honestly.. nothing feels ALIVE anymore! See how confused that kid is..

he wants to know too..