Thursday, April 19, 2007

Generation 1976-1984

What happened? I was having a conversation with my cousin the other day talking about our generation and what seemed so odd about it. Have you felt it too? I know quite a few people who were born between 1976 and 1984 who feel alienated. There seems to be a common effect on us, was it the invasion in 1990? Or the sudden technology boom? Have we been affected that much?

We seem disconnected from the generations before, and the ones after. I also talk in terms of society and what we experienced while growing up. The shows we watched on TV in our childhood are different from what they see now. The activities were much different. Video games were/are different. There is such a gap that it seems we're so old.. we're not old, it just feels that way.. very much so! Do you feel the same way..


Qa6Wa said...

Wallah I feel disconnected from the entire universe

Anonymous said...

Trans you're 100% right. It does feel different. I think it's a combination of everything you mentioned: the quality of tv shows, the 1990 invasion (I dont think the pain and the shock resulting from a war can go away, certain incidents I remember will still make me sob like a baby: I have a complex of worrying about not seeing my father again, because of the worry that that might have happened during the war. I still have nightmares to this day where I wake up sobbing crying for my dad) - so yeah..

We have to feel old sometime don't we ;) but... I wouldn't underestimate the coming generation - many of them are quite promising :D

Anonymous said...

could you add 1985 to that

Nomad said...

dude! thats cuz or generation rocks and the rest sucks...
hehe tbh i really have no clue why that happened >.> i have some guesses but at best there still guesses. i've talked in length about this with guys and we couldn't come up with an answer. hey i think we did talk about it a few times didn't we? as for the upcoming generation, God help'em. i really wish they weren't that superficial or that stupid >.< but from the large sample i've seen it dosent look promising XD

Transparently said...

disconnected in what way though? Do you feel old? Yeah, I felt like that a few times, didn't feel good.

I'm sorry you have to live with that worry. Haven't you also wondered about how come the idea of therapy in Kuwait is negatively looked upon, even though ppl need it to manage trauma from war or whatever :/
You're right about age though, we have to feel old sometime, but even 30 or 40 to some shouldn't feel old! We're in the 20s and feel like we're in our 50s :s

We discussed those who are bordering the generation gap, and we came up with those who were born in 1985 who feel the same way we do, hung around older kids and so they absorbed the mentality and experiences, its just a theory :/

We did talk about it, but this was more indepth.. I was talkin to Vinnie about it over pizza :p God help those who need to be helped.. those younger generation are a mix of extremes!

Anonymous said...

This is great info to know.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same, I don't fully identify with the Xrs stuff or the Y. I have a little of both. I played computer games, I used the internet as part of my life since before I was 18 when it was still so small. There just can't be a year cut off. I noticed the difference between those graduated 2 years before me and our group... the clothing, the hair, the thought patterns. my sister doesn't know how to use a computer well (1973) and I know how to write programs (1976) I think we are the link between the two. Labels I tell you