Friday, April 13, 2007

Say Ha'llo to Ma Li'le Friend!

I fell inlove with my w850i as soon as I bought it. However, when I discovered the power of TrackID I felt the connection get stronger. This little baby can name any song thrown at it in less than 1 minute! The usage, the battery power, the Walkman feature, typing on it all is much better than any phone I've had before - and all the phones I had before were Nokia. Ericsson should consider a switch campaign I'm sure they'd get a big piece of the market.

Here's my new favorite song.. Andrea Bocelli - Con Te Partiro :)
Lyrics -


Anonymous said...

I will always be loyal to Nokia :D

Transparently said...

I think you're addicted :p

Anonymous said...

it can identify the name of any song you throw at it?!

Genius!! Genius!!

Transparently said...

That's technology for u!